Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Workshop A - 9am-12pm

Evaluating Lessons Learnt from ADC Target Selection

With over 125 active clinical assets and 173 new clinical trials starting in 2021 alone, it is fair to say that the clinical landscape for ADCs is booming. Knowledge generated from these trials as well as previous trials provides the power to be able to rationally optimize drug discovery approaches to create an ADC that has the highest chance of clinical success.

This workshop will provide a holistic overview of the ADC target landscape and aim to assess why some ADCs have seen success, why some have failed, and where the landscape is evolving to give you the toolkit to design the next best-in-class ADC.

Join this workshop for an informative deep dive into:

  • Lessons learnt from ADC target selection
  • Gain an overview, and analyze specific ADC targets
  • Discuss future directions for ADC target discovery

Workshop Leaders:

John Boylan



Dowdy Jackson
Executive Director, ADC Biology Research
Innovent Biologics


John Boylan
Vice President, Scientific Strategy

WORKSHOP B - 1pm-4pm

Match-Making of Linker-Payloads to Tumor Targets

Whether you have selected your target and are looking for the right linker-payload technology or if you have your linkerpayload technology and are looking at selecting the best target, one shared challenge is that the pairing of target and linker-payload needs to be spot on to see good efficacy and low toxicity.

This session will talk over different payload types and which
target would most likely lead to a higher therapeutic index.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Examining how to approach selecting appropriate linkerpayloads to a tumor antigen
  • Highlighting approved ADCs as case-studies on how to best approach selecting the right linker-payload for your target
  • Discussing current technology solutions to mitigate known problem of hydrophobicity, on-target/off-target tox, nonspecific uptake and foresee CMC challenges
  • Sharing workflows towards balancing potency toxicity, PK and time

Workshop Leader:


Rakesh Dixit
Chief Executive Officer