Be part of the only event that brings together those prioritizing target selection of ADCs at pharma, biotech and research institutes

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Competition is rising for the well-understood clinically validated targets, so heads are turning to identifying novel alternatives and developing improved linker-payload technologies to continue the pursuit of creating best-or-first-in-class ADCs.

The 3rd ADC Target Selection Summit was as your only industry-led conference dedicated to helping you optimize your pairing of target, antibody and linker-payload to develop the next generation of clinically successful ADCs.

If you are going to make one correct decision during the drug development process, selecting the right target is crucial for clinical success.

What you missed:

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Gain first-hand and case-study-led insights into the development of novel targets from cell surface plectin to EphA2 to supplement your understanding of the current trajectory of novel target development

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Harness learnings from clinically validated targets, with case studies from AstraZeneca on ENHERTU highlighting both target and antibody considerations to ensure you get the first step of your ADC development right

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Utilize lessons on proteomics and bioinformatics to aid in your target and technology selection to strengthen your lead candidate selection with improved knowledge on appropriate expression levels, bystander effect and receptor density

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Consider both the complex scientific and strategic factors in pipeline development to ensure your place in the competitive ADC sphere to find your place alongside key players in the ADC field

Who Attends?

A highly engaged pool of delegates drove many lively discussions on key concepts in ADC technology 

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