9:25 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Improving Potency & Efficacy Through Design of Your ADC

9:30 am Strategies to Maximize the Effectiveness of Belantamab Mafodotin


  • Leveraging antibody effector functions in combination with cytotoxic payloads
  • Discussing manipulation of cell surface levels of target to maximize potency
  • Examining the effect of DAR on efficacy

10:00 am Design Considerations for an Immunology Antibody Drug Conjugate (iADC)

  • Adrian Hobson Senior Research Fellow, Drug Discovery Science & Technology Antibody-Drug Conjugates, AbbVie


  • Outlining identification of the antibody target and parameters for selection and parameters of the optimal antibody
  • Discussing considerations when choosing the payload MoA pairing for the antibody target
  • Modifying of the ADC to both maximize the therapeutic index and afford the optimal physiochemical properties

10:30 am
Morning Break & Networking

Analyzing Approaches to Limit On-Target / Off-Tumor Toxicities

11:00 am A Critical Appraisal of Target Mediated & On-Target/Off-Tumor Toxicities of ADCs


  • Understanding the critical importance of target expression and biology in maximizing the therapeutic index
  • Discussing the challenges of predicting on target toxicities based on target expression on normal tissues
  • Outlining the importance of the antibody quality, payload potency, linker and conjugation on target medicated toxicities

11:30 am Roundtable Discussion – Analyzing Approaches to Limit On-Target / Off-Tumor Toxicities of ADCs


  • Following the previous talk, we will now look at how the community is thinking about on-target, off-tumor toxicities at the moment?
  • Evaluating to what extent on-target, off-tumor toxicities impact go/no-go decisions during ADC development
  • What challenges have people experienced in quantifying on-target, off-tumor toxicities?

12:10 pm Designing Site-Specific ADCs to Maximize Target-Mediated Payload Delivery


  • Outlining HT identification of bioconjugation site from ADC libraries
  • Discovering glycosylated variants amenable to bTGase conjugation
  • Discussing characterization of thermal and metabolic stabilities of site-specific ADCs to guide construct design for maximizing target-dependent delivery

12:40 pm
Lunch & Networking

Harnessing Bioinformatics for Improved Target Selection

1:40 pm Utilizing Computational Proteomics for ADC Target Discovery

  • Jixin Wang Associate Director, Oncology Bioinformatics, AstraZeneca

2:10 pm Quantitative Proteomics Approaches for ADC Target Characterization


  • Discussing DIA-MS peptide level quantification for epitope and isoform precision
  • Explore how to quantify cell surface protein dynamics using pulsed SILAC labeling
  • Examine the profiling of protein drug interactions (PDIs) Using IP-MS

2:40 pm Roundtable Discussion – How Can Assays & Screening Technologies Be Improved to Better Understand ADC-Target Interactions In Vitro to Develop ADCs With a Wider Therapeutic Index?


  • Discussing approaches to make cell lines more representative of tumor target expression
  • How can assays be improved to better understand internalization?
  • Outlining approaches to developing high-throughput assays for quicker and improved screening of potential targets

3:10 pm Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

3:15 pm End of Conference